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Finance and Administration

Douglas N. Page, CPA
Director, Finance and Administration
Department Of Accounts
101 N. 14th Street
Richmond, VA 23218
804.225.3136 (office)
804.371.8587 (fax)

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Finance and Administration provides human resource administration, payroll, invoice processing/accounts payable and accounting reconciliation services in support of the Department of Accounts, along with agency receptionist duties. Support is also provided for an online procedures manual documenting DOA’s financial and accounting systems used by State agencies; processing of death and health claims for both individials and localities with individual plans regarding line of duty benefits; a web-based distribution system for statewide agency electronic report access; and the storage and management of public records.


Finance and Administration has the following subactivities:

Administrative Services Bureau

DOA was among the first agencies to adopt an administrative service bureau that supports the routine technical aspects of administrative operations for more than one agency. To accomplish this the DOA administrative services staff were required to adopt a customer oriented approach to their work which emphasized quality attention to service needs regardless of whether the service was for DOA or another supported agency.

DOA Serves Department of the Treasury, Department of Planning and Budget, Virginia Racing Commission, and State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Compliance Monitoring and Reporting (Quarterly Report)

Each quarter DOA provides the Governor, Cabinet and Agency Heads with a comprehensive report on various measures used to monitor the degree to which executive branch agencies have complied with various accounting and financial management policies, procedures, and standards of performance.

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Financial Reporting Quality Assurance

The Audited December 15 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is prepared on the basis of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and is used extensively by rating agencies, investment banks and others involved in the issuance and marketing of Commonwealth bonds. Virginia has produced a GAAP basis report that has received an unqualified audit opinion every year since 1986. This activity involves selecting state agencies for quality assurance reviews based on risk analysis. A review of the agency prepared financial reporting attachments is conducted and documented. A report is prepared detailing findings and recommendations for improvement in the process and is discussed with agency management. This activity improves the reliability of accounting data submitted for inclusion in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and helps to define agency training needs as it relates to financial reporting.

General Ledger Reconciliation Quality Assurance

To ensure accuracy and uniformity in the preparation and reconciliation of financial data input to the Commonwealth Accounting and Reporting System (CARS), all internally prepared accounting records, data submission logs and other accounting data must be reconciled to reports produced by CARS. Such reconciliations shall be performed and certified to the Department of Accounts (DOA) monthly, as described in CAPP Topic (20905), CARS Reconciliation Requirements (PDF) , and at fiscal year-end as prescribed by the Comptroller's annual Fiscal Year-End Closing Procedures memorandum to agencies. This activity involves selecting a representative sample of a state agency's general ledger reconciliations to be reviewed based on risk analysis. A report is prepared detailing recommendations for improvement in agency reconciliation processes and agency training needs are defined and addressed.

Human Resources

The Human Resources section supports the Department of Account's mission by serving as a source of quality information and expertise to DOA’s most valuable resource, its employees. Its staff provides a wide range of services to manage the entire personnel life cycle, ranging from recruitment to retirement. These services include:

In addition to its responsibilities for DOA, the Human Resources team accurately manages the payroll, fringe benefit, leave administration, and Virginia Sickness and Disability Program functions for three additional state agencies, the Department of Planning and Budget, the Virginia College Savings Plan, and the Department of the Treasury, for a total of over 330 classified and hourly employees.

Internal Control Compliance Quality Assurance

This activity involves reviewing state agencies implementation of Agency Risk Management and Internal Control Standards (ARMICS). These Standards provide guidance for establishing and assessing agency internal controls in order to more effectively manage risk and maintain accountability. These Standards are an extension and clarification of existing requirements contained in the annual Comptroller's Financial Reporting Directives and the Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures Topic 10305, Internal Control. This activity includes the review and testing of agency internal controls and development of reports and recommendations for improvement in the agency's implementation of ARMICS. Additionally, the results of the review are used to determine the extent of training needed by agency management and staff charged with ARMICS implementation.

Line of Duty

DOA is responsible for making lump sum payments to the beneficiaries of certain public safety officers who die from work-related causes. Effective July 1, 2000, DOA is responsible for making monthly payments for health insurance for surviving spouses and dependents. View the Line of Duty Act in its entirety.


In order to provide uniform accounting procedures for state government, DOA publishes the Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual (CAPP). Frequent revisions to the CAPP Manual are required by changes in state or federal law, generally accepted accounting principals, or administrative policy.

The DOA web page is a means of making DOA publications electronically accessible. This technique significantly reduces the production and distribution costs for DOA, particularly for very lengthy publications such as the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

Public Records Management

DOA’s public records unit is the official repository for all documents pertaining to cash deposit and disbursement transactions, unless that responsibility has been delegated by the Comptroller pursuant to the decentralization initiative described earlier. The public records unit has been steadily reducing in size as decentralization moved forward. However, a residual responsibility will remain for the storage of records pertaining to non-decentralized agencies, including those of elected officials, and for the records generated by DOA’s own central processing activity.


Reportline is a web-based system that provides user access to an electronic version of all system reports. This system used by State agency personnel and local treasurers and clerks of the courts personnel accesses internet-based reports related to DOA automated systems used for payroll processing and leave, general accounting, lease and fixed asset accounting.

Receptionist Duties

Front-desk responsibilities include providing agency-wide support by answering telephones, monitoring calendars, scheduling conference rooms, and assisting the public. DOA’s reception staff creates an effective, customer-focused environment designed to leave favorable impressions on the general public and DOA’s varied external customers.