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Month-End Closing Schedule

August 2, 2016

TO:    Agency Fiscal Officers

FROM:    Melinda L. Pearson, Director
       General Accounting

SUBJECT: Cardinal Period Open/Close Schedule

Following is the Cardinal Period Open/Close Schedule the Department of Accounts will observe for Fiscal Year 2017.

The Period Open Date is the date the General Ledger in Cardinal will be opened to accept data for that particular period. The Pre-Period Close Date is the date files from interface agencies must be received to post in the period being closed. On the Period Close Date only on-line entries and spreadsheet journal entries can be posted in Cardinal for the period being closed. Agencies must establish their own internal cut-off to allow sufficient time for transactions to post in Cardinal by the dates established below. Please pay particular attention to the journal date being entered when two periods are open in the General Ledger module. Deposit Certificate data must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the first working day of the next month. Agencies are not required to submit Deposit Certificate documentation to DOA.

Important Cut-off Times:

Changes to this schedule will be communicated on the Cardinal Message Board.

Period Period Open Date Pre-Period Close Date Period Close Date*
July - 08/05/2016 08/08/2016
August 07/27/2016 09/06/2016 09/07/2016
September 08/29/2016 10/06/2016 10/07/2016
October 09/28/2016 11/07/2016 11/08/2016
November 10/27/2016 12/06/2016 12/07/2016
December 11/28/2016 01/06/2017 01/09/2017
January 12/28/2016 02/07/2017 02/08/2017
February 01/27/2017 03/07/2017 03/08/2017
March 02/24/2017 04/06/2017 04/07/2017
April 03/29/2017 05/05/2017 05/08/2017
May 04/26/2017 06/06/2017 06/07/2017
June 05/26/2017 07/04/2017 07/05/2017 **
* All entries must be edited, budget checked and posted by 4:00 pm.
** Estimated date for Preliminary Close.