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Information Technology and Systems

Pamela W. Tauer
Chief Technology Officer
Voice: (804) 225-2645


DOA management recognizes the increasing value of information generation as a service in and of itself. Integration between systems continues to increase, particularly between mainframe and desktop processing environments. This functional activity supports the operation of the statewide general ledger system (CARS), the statewide payroll system (CIPPS), and the statewide fixed asset system (FAACS), as well as other related statewide financial information systems.


Information Resources Management has five subactivities.

Information Resources Planning

This subactivity includes the ongoing planning needed to promote the coordinated development and integration of hardware, database systems, application programs, and communications within DOA and between DOA and its customers. All planning is done in conformance with the guidelines of the Department of Technology Planning (formerly CIM). Weekly management status meetings and the annual update to the agency information technology plan are used to support this activity.

Application Systems

This subactivity involves the operation and ongoing development of the three major systems maintained by DOA. Components of this subactivity include system analysis, programming and production control. This subactivity also includes user liaison and the provision of decision support services which enable individual agencies, through data downloading, to develop management information and promote improved decision making.

Database Engineering

This subactivity involves the installation, management and monitoring of state’s financial database(s), including security engineering and security operations. Access security of the Commonwealth’s major financial systems is a major concern. Approximately 1,500 access requests are acted upon each year, and some 1,200 security violations are detected. The great majority of these violations are accidental. DOA has not experienced a successful penetration of its system security.

Hardware Engineering

This subactivity covers the procurement, installation and maintenance of the agency hardware environment which includes several high-speed printers and a networked desktop environment which supports more than 130 users. This subactivity also includes related services provided to other agencies such as remote print distribution. On a typical day 600,000 lines of print will be distributed electronically to remote sites.

Communications Engineering

This subactivity includes the design and implementation of data communication linkages both within and outside of DOA.