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System for Award Management Including Excluded Parties List (SAM)




The System for Award Management Including Excluded Parties List (SAM) is a Web-based system maintained by the Federal General Services Administration (GSA). A Federal agency can "exclude," i.e., suspend or debar, businesses or individuals from receiving contracts or assistance for various reasons, such as a conviction of or indictment for a criminal or civil offense or a serious failure to perform to the terms of a contract.

A suspension is a temporary exclusion of a party pending the completion of an investigation, while a debarment is a fixed-term exclusion. Generally, the period of debarment does not exceed 3 years, though some are indefinite.

Parties can be excluded from receiving a wide range of federal funds including, but not limited to, Medicare and Medicaid provider payments, cooperative agreements, scholarships, fellowships, loan guarantees, subsidies, insurance, payments for specified uses, donation agreements, or contracts of assistance.

The SAM is a searchable database that was established as a single comprehensive list of individuals and firms excluded by Federal government agencies. The data in the list is updated immediately as changes occur.

There are three (3) Exclusion Types: Reciprocal, Procurement and Nonprocurement. The Exclusion Type identifies the Program that the party has been excluded under. Below are descriptions of each program list and the effect of an exclusion listed under that program.