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Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures (CAPP) Manual


The CAPP Manual documents the policies and procedures associated with the Commonwealth's centralized accounting and financial systems. The manual consists of 150 topics and spans over 2,400 pages. All topics are located online in portable document format (.pdf), except for one which contains lengthy report samples (see below).

For further detail about the Manual's structure see CAPP Topic 10105, Structure of the Manual [PDF].


  • CAPP Update 149 - CAPP Manual Update (April 2016) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 148 - CAPP Manual Update (December 2015) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 147 - CAPP Manual Update (December 2015) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 146 - CAPP Manual Update (September 2015) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 145 - CAPP Manual Update (September 2015) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 144 - CAPP Manual Update (June 2015) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 143 - CAPP Manual Update (April 2015) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 142 - CAPP Manual Update (December 2014) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 141 - CAPP Manual Update (September 2014) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 140 - CAPP Manual Update (August 2014) [PDF]

Status Summary

The CAPP Manual Status Summary[PDF] provides current revision date and page length for each topic.

Topic Offline

Topic No. 70260 (CARS Reports) contains lengthy report samples and is not available online. Contact Rudy Burgess to receive a pdf of this topic containing CARS report samples.

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Volume 1 - Policies and Procedures

10000 Overview

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20000 General Accounting

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30000 Fixed Asset and Lease Accounting

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40000 Leave Accounting

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50000 Payroll Accounting

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Volume 2 - Classification and Coding Structure

60000 Classification and Coding Structure

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Volume 3 - Automated System Applications

70000 Automated System Applications

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