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The CAPP Manual documents the policies and procedures associated with the Commonwealth's centralized accounting and financial systems. The CAPP Manual has been divided into two separate manuals - one for CARS and one for the new accounting system, Cardinal.

The CAPP Manual - CARS will remain the official DOA manual until CARS is decommissioned on July 1, 2016. However, in order to provide guidance to those agencies using Cardinal as of October 1, 2014 (WAVE 1 Agencies), certain portions of the CAPP Manual will be rewritten with respect to Cardinal. Both manuals will mirror each other for ease of use. Topic numbers will remain the same and a Crosswalk will be provided. Many sections of the current CAPP Manual - CARS not impacted by Cardinal will remain the same. All agencies will be using Cardinal starting February 2016 (WAVE 2).

For further detail about the Manual's structure see CAPP - Cardinal Topic 10105, Structure of the Manual.


  • CAPP Update 157 - CAPP Manual Update (March 2018) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 156 - CAPP Manual Update (December 2017) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 155 - CAPP Manual Update (November 2017) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 154 - CAPP Manual Update (April 2017) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 153 - CAPP Manual Update (December 2016) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 152 - CAPP Manual Update (December 2016) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 151 - CAPP Manual Update (December 2016) [PDF]
  • CAPP Update 150 - CAPP Manual Update (June 2016) [PDF]

Status Summary

The CAPP Manual Status Summary[PDF] provides current revision date and page length for each topic.

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