Guidelines for Component Units

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2023 Component Unit Year-End Reporting Memorandum


This document provides guidance for the preparation and submission of Component Unit and Related Organization financial statements and other financial data.

Component Units

Component Units are legally separate public corporations and agencies for which the elected officials of the Commonwealth are financially accountable. In addition, component units can be other organizations for which the nature and significance of their relationship with the Commonwealth are such that exclusion would cause the Commonwealth's financial statements to be misleading or incomplete. The Commonwealth is required to incorporate the financial data of all component units in its financial statements.

Related Organizations

Related Organizations are organizations or entities for which the elected officials of the Commonwealth are accountable because they appoint a voting majority of the board, but are not financially accountable. The Commonwealth is required to disclose the nature of its accountability for related organizations in the notes to the financial statements.


The Reporting Procedures for Component Units are available in their entirety in PDF format.

Authoritative Guidance and Other References

The following authoritative guidance and other references are designed to aid the preparer in completing the Year End Reporting Requirements for Component Units.

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If you have questions or comments regarding the Year End Reporting Procedures for Component Units and Related Organizations, contact Nadine Charity, Financial Reporting Project Lead, John Sotos, Assistant Director - Financial Statements, or Susan Jones, Director, Financial Reporting.