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Fiscal Year-End Closing Procedures

2022 Fiscal Year-End Closing Procedures

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Melinda L. Pearson, Director
General Accounting
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E-mail: melinda.pearson@doa.virginia.gov

Memorandum to State Agencies

This memorandum highlights key dates and procedures that are an integral part of the year-end closing process. It is imperative that each agency adhere to these critical dates and the procedures detailed in the attachments. The "Table of Contents" summarizes the information in this memorandum. It is only with the cooperation of all State agencies and institutions that we can effectively close the Comptroller's books for the 2022 fiscal year in order to prepare required financial reports for the Governor. Failure to comply may result in noncompliance with Code requirements, which in turn may adversely affect the Commonwealth's bond rating.

I understand a special situation may arise that requires an exception to an item in this document. When this occurs, I need to know as soon as possible in order to accommodate any necessary adjustments. Therefore, a request for an exception must be received, in writing, no later than June 1, 2022, and be addressed to Melinda L. Pearson, Director, General Accounting. I will not be able to accommodate any exceptions identified after this date.

I would like to thank each of you for your efforts in maintaining the high caliber of fiscal operations in the Commonwealth.

Download the 2022 Fiscal Year-End Closing Procedures in PDF format:


Download the 2022 Attachments and Instructions:

  • Attachment A - Significant Items of Interest Regarding the 2022 Fiscal Year-End Closing Procedures [PDF]
  • Attachment B - Certification of Agency Reconciliation to Cardinal, Exception Register and Delegation of Signatory Authority Form
  • Attachments C through J
    • Instructions [PDF]
    • Attachment C - Payroll Suspense Garnishment Account Verification [Excel]
    • Attachment D - Payroll Suspense Due Agency Account Verification [Excel]
    • Attachment E - Suspense Account Verification [Excel]
    • Attachment F - Undeliverable Check Clearing Verification [Excel]
    • Attachment G - Payroll Stop Payment Clearing Account Verification [Excel]
    • Attachment H - General Warrant Stop Payment Clearing Account Verification [Excel]
    • Attachment I - Suspense Account - Bank Reconciliation Verification [Excel]
    • Attachment J - Deferred Revenue Verification [Excel]
  • Attachment K - Petty Cash Verification
  • Attachment L - Travel Advance Verification
  • Attachment M - Indirect Cost Recovery Verification
  • Attachment N - Bond Fund Cash Verification
  • Authorized Signatories

The submission requirements are specified in the instructions for each attachment.

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