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In Chapter 912 of the FY 97/98 Appropriation Act, the General Assembly approved the establishment of a service center at the Department of Accounts for processing agency level Payroll, Leave Accounting and certain Benefits data entry functions for selected agencies. This service center, known as the Payroll Service Bureau ("Bureau"), was created to achieve economies of scale, while alleviating agencies' administrative burdens.

In July 1996, the Bureau began operations, supporting approximately 1,780 employees in 17 agencies. Since that time, it has grown to its present support level of approximately 25,000 employees in 65 agencies.


The Bureau is comprised of a staff of twenty-eight, including a director, one senior assistant director, two assistant directors, two accounting analyst seniors, seventeen payroll accountants (Payroll/ Benefits Analysts) and five senior payroll accountants (Payroll/Benefits Analyst Seniors), with each Payroll/Benefits Analyst supporting an average of 1200 salaried and wage employees. To ensure strong customer service levels, each agency is assigned a Payroll/Benefits Analyst and a Payroll/Benefits Analyst Senior, who are responsible for coordinating activities and communications with the participating agency's personnel and for performing the services delineated below.

Services Offered by the Bureau

  • Payroll Processing - Payroll processing, including VSDP benefit calculations, and preparation of all payroll-related certifications and reconciliations.
  • Leave Accounting - Provided the participating agency uses the CIPPS Leave Accounting System, the Bureau performs leave data entry, review and audit of leave information, and prepares the annual Leave Liability Attachment required by DOA's Financial Reporting directives.
  • Reconciliations and Information Returns - The Bureau prepares the following reconciliations and information returns on behalf of the participating agency. Items requiring agency authorization are forwarded to the agency in sufficient time to allow management's review prior to the submission deadline. Other items are forwarded directly to the requesting authority.
Items Forwarded to Agency for Authorization Prior to Submission to Requesting Authority
  • Healthcare Reconciliation
  • Quarterly Certification of Taxable Wages
  • Quarterly VEC Unemployment Return and Work Site Reporting
  • Fiscal Year-end Leave Liability Attachment for CIPPS Leave System User Agencies
  • Annual Certification of W-2 Totals
  • 1,500 Hour Wage Employee Tracking
Items Directly Submitted to Requesting Authority
  • Reconciliation of VRS Retirement, Group Life and Long Term Disability Expenses
  • Non-Virginia State Withholding remittance of taxes
  • EPR Reporting
  • CIPPS/PMIS Compare Explanations
  • Gross Pay Difference Justifications
  • Control Totals of Taxable Wages and Taxes Withheld
  • "10 to 33" Reconciliation of Taxable Wages
  • Preparation of annual information returns for reciprocal states
A detailed description of the services provided by the Bureau, the PSB Scope of Services (formerly known as the "Business Process Overview") is available at this link . This document includes the delineation of participating agency and Bureau responsibilities.

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