Benefits to Agencies

Benefits to Agencies Resulting from Participating in the Bureau

Ensured Coverage of Critical Administrative Functions

Adequate human resource coverage for these critical functions is ensured with participation in the bureau. If attrition occurs within the bureau, other payroll and benefits analysts are familiar with the functions and can fill the void. Agency management does not have to be concerned with ensuring there are adequately trained back up resources for their Payroll and Leave Accounting functions. Agency training administration is mitigated inasmuch as training takes on more of an ambient knowledge purpose versus that of training agency staff on the detailed CIPPS processing requirements of new compensation and benefit programs.

Control and Accountability

Agencies continue their management autonomy over the Payroll, Leave Accounting and Benefits functions. The Human Resources and Benefits Administration functions remain within the agency, and bureau staff perform CIPPS payroll and leave processing at the direction and approval of the participating agency’s Human Resource and Fiscal management. Participating agencies may continue to view their Payroll and Leave Accounting information; however, system updates are limited to bureau staff, thereby enforcing bureau accountability.

Uniformity of Payroll Practices.

With the bureau comprised of a centralized processing group within DOA, there is greater assurance of compliance with Federal guidelines and uniformity in the application of State personnel policies and payroll practices. Interactions with the State Payroll Operations Unit keep the bureau abreast of new benefit and compensation programs and provide valuable input for enhancements to the CIPPS Payroll and Leave Systems. The bureau routinely explores opportunities for process improvements and utilization of Best Practices that will ensure labor efficiencies while preserving data integrity.