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  • Cardinal Navigation Cheat Sheet [Excel]
  • Calculation Spreadsheets have been moved to SPO Forms.
  • 2019 Budget - Appropriations Act - pg 645 Comptroller's Authorization to Mandate Electronic Payment of Wages [PDF]
  • Employer Guide Reporting Lump Sum Payments [PDF]
  • Memorandum to Fiscal Officers - Payroll Stop Payments - February 1, 2003 [PDF]
  • Out of State Payroll Tax Information [Excel]
  • Virginia Paycard Authorization form [PDF]
  • Virginia Way2Go FAQs [PDF]
  • Virginia Way2Go Card® issued by Comerica [PDF]
  • List of all fees for Virginia Way2Go Card® Prepaid Mastercard [PDF]
  • Virginia Way2Go Card® emitida por Comerica [PDF]
  • Lista de todas las tarifas de la tarjeta prepago Mastercard Virginia Way2Go Card® [PDF]

State Payroll Operations - Overview

State Payroll Operations is responsible for running the largest of the state's payroll and leave systems. Most state employees (100,000-plus) are currently served by DOA's central payroll and leave system, CIPPS, a heavily modified version of Infor (formerly GEAC) Millennium software. Eight of the largest state-supported universities operate independent payroll systems serving approximately one-third of the state workforce.

In addition to running the system that calculates and disburses salaries and wages, State Payroll Operations is also responsible for federal and state tax compliance. This includes implementing system modifications, developing policies and procedures, and training users. Other central activities include federal tax depositing and reporting, payroll accounting, accounting and disbursement processing for benefit deductions, payroll auditing, and payroll system end-user training.

State Payroll Operations - Organization

Payroll/Benefits Accounting

This team is responsible for accounting, reconciliation and disbursement processing for employee payroll and benefit programs including, healthcare, flexible benefits, deferred compensation, and CVC. Other activities include preparation of IRS form 941 (Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return) for all CIPPS agencies, release of CIPPS checkwrites into CARS, reconciliation of payroll expenditures in CARS to disbursements by the Treasurer of Virginia, and administering Millennium password security for all CIPPS users.

Payroll Production

This team is mutually responsible with agency payroll staffs for ensuring that all payrolls are processed accurately and timely. Activities include, scheduling payroll production jobs, problem resolution, payroll certification monitoring, checkwrite reconciliation, payroll report requests, recovery and distribution, direct deposit and tax deposit file transmissions, and direct deposit program administration.

Payroll Statistics (for CY 2014):

  • $3.8 billion in annual gross payroll processed through CIPPS
  • 24,065 direct deposit notices
  • 2,071,548 paperless (web) notices
  • 18,622 paychecks
  • 121,696 W-2's issued
  • 162 individual federal identification numbers - 941 tax reporting

Miscellaneous Insurances and Annuities

Payroll deductions for Miscellaneous Insurance Policies and Pre-Tax Annuities (where authorized) are administered by a Third Party Administrator (TPA), FBMC Benefits Management Inc. The following manuals and forms are published by the TPA and contain information and procedures necessary to set-up and maintain these deductions.


Miscellaneous Insurances and Annuities