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Bank of America Information

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Bank of America Contact Information

For Program Administrators Only (Please utilize the online Works system whenever possible.)

Company Level Support (for card program questions)
Phone: 800-822-5985
Hours: M-F 8am-8pm EST
Email: ccs_team_servicing@BankofAmerica.com

For Cardholders (and Program Administrators after business hours)

Cardholder Customer Service
Phone: 888-449-2273
Hours: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week


  • MCC Restriction Table Listing [PDF] [Excel]
  • Employee Paid (Individual Liability) Travel Card Terminology [PDF] [Word]
  • Employee Paid (Individual Liability) Travel Card Collections Process [PDF] [Word]

Monthly Program Administrator Call Agenda

Commonwealth of Virginia Annual Card Summit

  • An Overview of eVA PCard Functionality [PDF]
  • Auditing for Agencies [PDF]
  • Auditing for PSUBS [PDF]
  • Commonwealth of Virginia Card Summit [PDF]
  • Commonwealth of Virginia Small Purchase Charge Card [PDF]
  • Kristen’s Top 10 List [PDF]
  • Maureen’s Top 10 List [PDF]

Charge Card Training

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All Cardholder, Supervisor and Program Administrator Training is now located in the Department of Human Resource Management's system called the Learning Center (COVLC). This can be accessed by clicking on the link below:


Cardholders and Supervisors can contact their Agency Program Administrator for Purchase and/or Travel cards for step by step instructions of how to log in and access the training.

Program Administrators can contact the CCA Team for assistance.

Learning Center User Guides

  • How to access the Learning Center [PDF]

Purchase Charge Card Program

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2019 Billing Dates

Bank of America Purchase Card (2019)

Month Starting Date Closing Date Payment Due Date
(approx 25 days after cycle close)
December 16 Nov 14 Dec 1/7/2019
January 15 Dec 15 Jan 2/7/2019
February 16 Jan 15 Feb 3/7/2019
March 16 Feb 15 Mar 4/7/2019
April 16 Mar 15 Apr 5/7/2019
May 16 Apr 15 May 6/7/2019
June 16 May 14 Jun 7/7/2019
July 15 Jun 15 Jul 8/7/2019
August 16 Jul 15 Aug 9/7/2019
September 16 Aug 13 Sep 10/7/2019
October 14 Sep 15 Oct 11/7/2019
November 16 Oct 15 Nov 12/7/2019
December 16 Nov 13 Dec 1/7/2020

Purchase Card Policies

  • CAPP Topic 20355, Purchasing Charge Card [PDF]

Policy for Card Number on File at Vendor

CAPP Topic 20355, Purchasing Charge Card [PDF] states:

A vendor may be allowed to keep the card number on file under the following, limited, conditions:

  1. The cardholder must make initial contact with the vendor to provide the card number.
  2. The vendor must keep the card number in a secure, preferably electronic, file.
  3. The vendor must assign a separate, store account number for use by representatives of the cardholder so that the card number is not shared.
  4. The vendor must contact the cardholder for final authorization to process the charge.

SPCC Underutilization

  • Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) Utilization Calculation Coming Soon


Travel Charge Card Program

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2018 Billing Dates

All Individual Liability Travel Cards Closing Dates are the same as listed below. Payment for Individual Liability Travel Cards are due in FULL upon receipt of their bill.

2018 Agency Travel Cards Billing Dates

Month Starting Date Closing Date Payment Due Date
(approx 25 days after cycle close)
December 16 Nov 15 Dec 1/7/2018
January 16 Dec 15 Jan 2/7/2018
February 16 Jan 15 Feb 3/7/2018
March 16 Feb 15 Mar 4/7/2018
April 16 Mar 13 Apr 5/7/2018
May 14 Apr 15 May 6/7/2018
June 16 May 15 Jun 7/7/2018
July 16 Jun 13 Jul 8/7/2018
August 14 Jul 15 Aug 9/7/2018
September 16 Aug 14 Sep 10/7/2018
October 15 Sep 15 Oct 11/7/2018
November 16 Oct 15 Nov 12/7/2018
December 16 Nov 14 Dec 1/7/2019

Travel Card Policies

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